Trend Micro fastest to block malicious websites

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NSS Labs’ recent report “Q2 2010 Endpoint Protection Product Group Test Report” has awarded Trend Micro a “Recommend” rating for its over-time protection rating and unique malicious site blocking score covering socially-engineered malware. While the average security vendor took days to block a malicious website, Trend Micro had the fastest time, taking only a matter of hours. Not sponsored or funded by any security vendor, the NSS Labs test emulated the experiences of average users and focused on threats active on the Internet gathered from the company’s extensive intelligence network.

Commenting on this, Amit Nath, Country Manager, India & SAARC, Trend Micro said, “For the last two years, NSS Labs has been an instrumental leader in establishing a new scientific baseline of endpoint protection effectiveness based on threat detection rates and time-to-block. The purpose of NSS Labs testing standards to determine how well security products protect users from socially-engineered malware aligns with our mission of going beyond simple detection rates and focusing on protecting the customer from ‘real-world’ threats, and the speed and aggressiveness with which cybercriminals are moving.

This year, the Trend Micro OfficeScan product, the company’s enterprise endpoint solution, was rated the best at protecting against socially-engineered malware. OfficeScan achieved an over-time protection rating of 95.2 percent, a unique malicious site blocking score of 86 percent, and caught 60.6 percent of zero-hour blocks, the percent of threats blocked upon first exposure to the endpoint. Its average time-to-block was less than five hours, compared to the overall average of nearly two days (45.8 hours.) Time-to-block is the average time after the first exposure for security vendors to provide a block to new threats.

“Trend Micro OfficeScan led the competition in protecting against web-based socially-engineered malware,” said Rick Moy, president of NSS Labs.

This security solution is powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure. Through this network, it scans, filters and correlates more than 45 billion emails, websites and files every single day, and then leverages that data to rapidly identify and respond to emerging threats, and improve the existing response to known threats.

As Trend Micro extends its business into security from the cloud, customers will benefit in real-time rather than having to wait for the next update as the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network improves its security response.

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