US-Based Scosche launches ‘FlyTunes’ – A Portable Bluetooth Audio Transmitter in India

Available in India for Rs.3999 and can be purchased from Amazon ,FlipKart and Tekkitake

While most devices today are Bluetooth-enabled, there are a few that still lack the capability. Non-smart TVs, game consoles and even airplanes entertainment do not feature Bluetooth connectivity, and hence using wired headphones is your only choice. This is where Scosche’s BTTWT-SP FlyTunes BT Audio Transmitte may come handy. It is a simple, yet powerful device that allows users to transmit audio from almost any device with a 3.5mm audio jack over Bluetooth.

California-based Scosche Industries is an accessories brand and debuts in India through TekkiTake, a Bengaluru-based mobile accessories website operated by Georgian Enterprises. It is recognized for hosting various well-known international premium brands such as Raegr, UAG, Zugu, Raptic, Scosche, Tudia and others.

It needs to be mentioned that Scosche, which continues to be a family run business, came to life in 1980, when Roger and Scotia “Scosche” Alves started a car audio consulting business in their garage. Since then the company has grown to 200 employees catering to the more than 4,000 consumer technology, powersports and car audio products.


The Scosche BTTWT-SP FlyTunes is a highly portable Bluetooth transmitter that accepts analog audio inputs, converts them into digital data and transmits it over Bluetooth to a connected device. It has a very simple one-button (MFB) operation and can be plugged in and set up in a matter of seconds, and other innovative features, which the company believes is a result of decades of innovation and customer commitment.

Housed within a rugged ‎polycarbonate body are some powerful electronics that make your life easier when you need it. It features dual input mono and stereo folding prongs (connectors) that allows you to use it with almost any audio device out there. All you need to do is lift the required connector, plugin and switch on the device to Instantly stream audio over to your BT headphones.


The greatest USP of the Scosche BTTWT-SP FlyTunes is its dual pairing option — simultaneously pair two Bluetooth headphones. Now imagine a scenario where you are travelling on an airplane or camping with your loved one and want to watch a movie together on your laptop with a 3.5mm jack. A wired headphone is your only option where you can share an earbud each.

With the Scosche BTTWT-SP FlyTunes, you can now pair two BT headphones and both can enjoy the complete stereo audio experience of the movie together. Speaking of a flight, the Scosche BTTWT-SP FlyTunes’s dual prongs can work together to connect to your airplane’s seat too. Now enjoy in-flight entertainment with your own precious Bluetooth headphones or Airpods /TWS earbuds, instead of the cheap quality earphones provided by the flights.


The Scosche BTTWT-SP FlyTunes is powered by a fairly large rechargeable battery that can last a good 8 hours on a full charge for users to enjoy non-stop gaming, or pull through that entire boring flight without a break ,charging the Scosche once.

The FlyTunes will be available in India at Rs.3999 and can be purchased from AmazonFlipKart  and Tekkitake with a 1-year warranty period.


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