Zebion Infotech To Enhance Franchise Model

Enhance Franchise Model

Pune-based computer peripheral company, Zebion Infotech, which had announced the setup of a national chain of Electronics retail stores ‘Zone Zebion’, is enhancing this concept though franchising.

Zone Zebion is said to have a unique signature look and offers buyers an assortment of choice under the same roof – including Security Devices, Sound Systems and Computer Peripherals. Although various forms of franchising have become prevalent in India, especially in the service sector, it is still rare and distinctive in the Consumer Electronics field.

Abhinandan Dagale, COO of the company and the chief architect behind Zebion’s retail chain, explains “We offer tremendous advantages to entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs who love ICT. Our franchise structure has an extremely low risk-profile, requires minimum investment and the business covenants are highly favourable for the franchisee. We provide an operations blueprint, stock, training, guidance, Marketing Support, operations manual and everything you need to start making money. It’s like turning a key.”

The unique three-zone format, also termed as the ‘Troika’ format, ensures a huge selection of products, and the customer experience is first rate. The Troika format indicates three distinct zones, which correspond with the three business verticals of Zebion.

The Troika consists of Technopedia (the Zone for Computer Peripherals), Sound Souk (the Zone for Sound Systems) and The Strongroom (the Zone for Security Systems). Each store has special experience areas where shoppers can physically try the product and interact closely with trained staff known as Zebion Prodigies. The franchise networks shall act as a complimentary supply chain member within Zebion value chain – the complementing efforts of Zebion’s other channel partners such as dealers.

Some experience areas are in the shape of a pylon. Consumers can feel the products, review performance, evaluate quality and assess fitment within a larger solution. For instance consumers can check the quality and sharpness of Zebion’s range of CCTV cameras. Likewise they can experience Zebion’s various audio systems in an idyllic acoustic environment where every detail and all subtleties of music can be heard. Zebion claims it recognizes that consumer’s expectations for an in-store purchase experience today is high, and always getting higher.

Through its eighteen Branch offices, Zebion is actively soliciting franchise partners across the country, with special emphasis on Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar, UP and the North East. The first store was launched in Chennai, at electronics wholesale market in Ritchie Street. This was followed by the grand launch of Zone Zebion Aurangabad, by celebrity, Mugdha Godse. The other stores were launched in Nagpur, Belgavi and Hyderabad and Amravati.

Another great benefit that Zebion provides franchisees is in the form of a Relationship Manager a fully trained and experienced sales resource from the vendor, whose prime objective would be to acquire external business (outside the store). This will typically be Security Projects and CCTV installations of varying magnitude. Zebion bears all salary and out-of-pocket expenses of the RM, so it’s a lucrative gratis resource for Franchisees.

When we asked about what type of Franchise partners they were seeking, Zebion’s CEO, Yogesh Dagale replied: “We look for ambitious, motivated entrepreneurs who are good managers with leadership and communication skills. They must be people people, with lots of energy and enthusiasm. They must have financial requisites and personal credibility. They need to prove they have the ability to finance and sustain a new business. They must like or relish a structured environment.”

According to Dagale, a strong desire for financial success and to meet numbers is also important. “However it is neither required for the individual or team to have run a business before, or have any experience in the ICT genre. We have people coming to us from all different walks of life,” he said.

Zebion is keen to explore options in several Tier II cities. Further, the company said it plans to provide flexible payment options to potential franchisees from such cities, who have limited capital. “We shall evaluate the merits of each such case individually,” he summed up.

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