It is ‘Modi’ Wave Among IT Community


Bengaluru, Jan 16: It is election time and the people are getting ready to identify themselves with the political parties. In what looks like a race between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi for the Prime Minister’s post, the IT channel partners too are not left far behind and it looks like they are throwing their weight behind the man from Gujarat.

A look at the Facebook posts, WhatsApp status and tweets of the channel partners indicates their tilt towards Modi. They are also keenly awaiting for the elections to get over as a huge amount is struck in the hands of the investors.

For many mid-size and large system integrators, they find the process of government tenders tedious, corrupt and are expecting Modi to curb those. “To deploy one end-to-end access control device, we have to spend some percentage of the total project ‘below the table’. We believe if Modiji comes to power, those will come down”, said a partner, who does not have any faith on the Aam Aadmi Party.

“One can simply question the link between IT and corruption. However, as a partner who have deployed many projects in the government sector, we have seen that in departments where there is more IT penetration, there are less chances of corruption and more transparency,” revealed another partner.

There are also some channel partners, who move away from normal path and relate IT with Modi. A partner from Mumbai has created FB page, a marketing collateral, claiming that Modi will clean corruption as E-set cleans virus.

Not just the channel partners, most of the representatives of the vendor companies, off the records, revealed that they want Modi to come to power to bring investments to the country.

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