Kaspersky’s consumer business to focus on multi-device security


Mumbai, Dec 13: Kaspersky’s B2C division (the consumer segment) is planning to focus on the multi-device management over the next twelve months, given the fact that growth of hand-held devices have also resulted in increased security threats, a senior company official said.

Jagannath N Patnaik, Director – Channel Sales – Kaspersky Lab – South Asia, told Channel Times that the threats are growing along with the growth of hand-held devices. “Figures are also slashing in the desktops and laptops segments and thus our focus will be more towards the multi-device security,” he added.

He also said that Kaspersky has successfully concluded foreign tours for partners which extended even for 10 days.

In the Q1 of 2014, the company will be launching multi-city events across the C and D class cities. Prioritizing the market share in the country, he said the company has maximum share in South followed by North, West and East, he said.

“Currently we have two national distributors, 40 platinum partners (regional distributors) and more than four thousand silver partner category. With Sachin being our brand ambassador, we had penetrated in the nook and corner of the country and that has helped the push market for the silver partners,” said Jagannath, who further added that the long-time concerns of the silver partners has been resolved with their recent schemes targeted for them.

Kaspersky is also planning to launch certification and training sessions where partners can know not just the brand but also the concepts.


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