Unlockar Transforms Phone Lock-Screen Into Infotainment

Phone Lock-Screen

New Delhi, June 8, 2015: Registering users beyond a lakh and garnering the top rating on Google play store, Unlockar has emerged as one of the coolest and most favorite apps of all time.

The constantly growing statistics indicate that it is amongst the most well accepted apps of the season. It not only keeps the users engaged by covering a broad spectrum of channels like entertainment, sports, business and news, but also has been rewarding the users tremendously. An active Unlockar user is found to unlock his phone over 40 times on a daily average basis!

Unlockar is an app that transforms a monotonous smartphone lock screen into a source of unlimited infotainment, rewarding the users every time the phone is unlocked.

Piyush Paul, Co-Founder and CEO, Unlockar Apps commented, “We are absolutely delighted by the response and continuous growth in the traction rate of Unlockar. We have beyond 20 channels in our catalogue right now and intend to further add to it. Besides, we are also constantly working towards enhancing the interface and giving our patrons an experience beyond just engaging.”

Validating its progression is the lock screen impressions that have gone past 17 million which indicate that users find the app engaging. Adding to the user delight are Unlockar Reward Points (called uCoins) which they earn. uCoins distributed till date sum up to a whopping number of more than a crore and consequently the users have earned beyond Rs. 2 lakhs and withdrawn close to Rs. 2 lakhs.

Channels like Horoscope, ScoopWhoop, Bro Code, Deals and Discount, and Digital Delight are getting maximum traction rate. Within just last 2 months, these channels have bagged more than 1.3 million impressions at an impressive interaction rate of more than 5%. Similarly, channels like movie reviews, cricket scores, technology news have also witnessed a growth with more than two lakh impressions each in last 2 months.

The aim of Unlockar is to capture the first glance of a smartphone user which is essentially capturing the lock-screen of the phone. The App provides a feature that captures the interest and attention of a user which then translates the user interaction into monetized or non-monetized actions.

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