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Audio-Technica Helps You Care Your Sibling With ATR2500

-Press Release

Audio-Technica Corporation (A-T), the number one headphone brand by volume in Japan, is a global group of companies devoted to manufacturing, marketing and distribution of problem solving audio equipment. Now A-T creates high-performance microphones, headphones, wireless and conference systems, mixers and electronic products for both professional and personal use. It provides Audio enthusiasts with great sounding, innovative audio gear, including popular ATH-M50x monitor headphones, USB microphones, high fidelity gaming headsets and new Hi-Res audio headphones.

With Raksha Bandan round the corner, the festive which revolves around the thread signifying the bond, this year A-T let’s the siblings encourage the creative side and the professional aching to get out and make a mark.
ATR3350 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone, is a perfect gift to the one who loves to create content and manage conference calls. It connects to your mobile device or laptop to enhance your voice and volume. Further, it gives clarity and costs INR two thousand five hundred.

ATR2500-USB premium quality condenser mic costs around ten thousand rupees. It is perfect for conference calls, podcasting, webinar, field recordings, home studio recordings, and voice overuse. AT2020 Microphones brings out the singer in your sibling at INR eleven thousand.
Your sibling loves gaming after a long day? Gift him ATGM1-USB. He or She can use it for calls and online connections throughout the day and end by using it for a good game. AT-M50x headphones are purely professional, it keeps the noise out and focus on one’s audio at the rate of nineteen thousand and five hundred rupees.

Further you can gift your siblings ATH-CLR100BT to help them communicate on the move, it also has the latest addition to the AT Bluetooth headphones family hangs around your neck and keeps you connected. It costs around three thousand rupees.

Audio-Technica (A-T) is a recognized leader in the development and manufacture high-quality personal and professional audio equipment.

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