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GFI LanGuard – big sales beyond the firewall

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With panicky fears of world-wide cyberattacks splashed across the headlines daily, many of your customers may be wondering whether they will be the next target. Yet some small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) assume only “the big guys” have to worry about serious cyberattacks.

Wrong. More than 50 percent of cyberattacks are aimed at SMBs, with a US$50,000 average cost for each breach.

Other SMBs may think they are safe because they have firewalls.

Wrong again. While firewalls provide a good first line of defense, SMBs must go beyond the firewall and protect the connected endpoints and weakness within their IT infrastructure. Cybercriminals can get into a business network by exploiting vulnerabilities in endpoint systems and applications. And IT ecosystems are growing in scale and complexity, making it easier for hackers to find their way in.

That’s where GFI LanGuard can provide better protection for SMBs – and significant sales to you – generated from your SMB customers.

LanGuard is an easy-to-use vulnerability scanning, network auditing and patch management software product – designed and priced for the SMB market. It gives businesses a complete picture of their network endpoints, provides risk analysis and helps them maintain a secure and compliant network – all with minimal effort.

Additionally, LanGuard streamlines the data protection regulations reporting process. Nearly every business handles confidential data that must be protected. This data security is mandated by law and carries serious penalties for non-compliance. To show compliance, businesses must create regular audits and reports, which can be a tedious drain on resources. LanGuard simplifies the reporting process to easily demonstrate proof of regulatory compliance.

Because cybersecurity is so critical today, it’s easy to sell LanGuard to any of your customers that have more than 50 nodes/devices, including companies:

  • Looking to boost security – especially those that have recently experienced a cyberattack
  • In regulated industries that need to prove compliance
  • Constrained by limited IT resources and budgets and want to minimize complexity
  • Shifting to increased remote work – where protecting endpoints will become more difficult, yet even more critical
  • Experiencing rapid growth – where managing devices manually is no longer efficient
  • Shifting from consumer-grade to business-grade solutions

LanGuard is owned by GFI Software, an established US-based company that specializes in cybersecurity and secure communication products for SMBs. It has more than 60-thousand SMB customers world-wide and is owned by ESW Capital, a private equity fund with no external investors or debt obligations.

GFI Software has an extensive portfolio of easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use security products that allows resellers to:

  • Provide installation, migration and maintenance services for added revenue
  • Create effective land-and-expand sales strategies
  • Maintain higher retention rates through cross-sell opportunities
  • Participate in a comprehensive partner program that includes training, marketing assets, promotions, NFR keys and more
  • Offer 24×7 technical support to end customers (as well as resellers and distributors) – with all support cases handled directly by GFI

Think beyond the firewall and offer your customers critical cybersecurity protection. Learn more about this leading network security scanner and patch management solution.

Download this GFI LanGuard free trial or contact Satcom directly to begin “securing” your big sales.

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