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Features of the Reselling Business are Changing

Reselling Business

Nokia Siemens Networks aims to expand its customer base in the service management software business – by collaborating with KlugCom, P3 Solutions, Subex and Theta Networks. Although it’s a fact from Finland, the development presents a recent model (example) of the approach of a big company to expand its business. It cites an example of strategic ways for further value addition to the service by picking up the strength from other partners.

What’s the company’s aim? Juhani Hintikka, Head of Operations and Business Software Business Unit at Nokia Siemens Networks, says, “In the complex software market, collaborating with other software specialists helps us address service providers regardless of their network vendor or technology. These new channel partners are focused on delivering service management software that improves the end-users customer experience, which we know can have a big impact on reducing customer ‘churn’.”

Also, according to the company, the indirect sales channel business model ensures that the required sales resources and competences are available – to enable growth in new markets through the new channel partners. These indirect channel partners fall under the umbrella of the Nokia Siemens Networks Channel Partner Program, launched in May 2008. The new solutions and market reach resulting from working with these channel partners will enhance the comprehensive Operations Support Systems (OSS) capability within Nokia Siemens Networks.

What’s so exemplary out of this development under the Indian perspective? Before searching answer to this question, let us see what these companies are doing with one of the world’s largest network communications companies.

KlugCom will provide Nokia Siemens Networks OSS capability in Latin America, where it is a known professional services organization – offering products and services to develop solutions that build real value for telecommunications customers.

P3 Solutions and Nokia Siemens Networks are jointly developing software to enhance customer quality-of-experience, which will improve on what is currently available. The software will be sold by both the companies.

Subex and Nokia Siemens Networks will put together service management solutions that consist of Nokia Siemens Networks inventory management, service assurance and service fulfillment software and Subex’s fixed and mobile provisioning, service fulfillment, data integrity management, revenue assurance, fraud management and interconnect billing offering. Both companies will sell the solutions.

Theta Networks is known for optimizing networks through deep packet inspection as well as its contribution in Quality of Experience assurance, and security mitigation for mobile data services. Theta Networks will sell the Nokia Siemens Networks provisioning solution.

Thus, basically all these companies have their own identities in the respective niche markets and areas for their depth of specialization, experience and customer reach. That is the reason, a company which maintains 60,000 employees worldwide and holds a leading position in all key markets across the world, joins hands with them.

The emerging growth of Communications and Information Technology (CIT) in the Indian context, will obviously repeat such instances with a number of large global players, wherein today’s value added resellers (VARs) will find a great opportunity. A little observation will show that the process has already started, and that will multiply.

It takes time to elevate the operational capability to the higher planes. Resellers, who realized it earlier, have already entered the path of progress. New entrants and traditional players will have to realize this. Basically, the scope and definition of reselling business are changing apace.

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