We Can Pick Our Product Range Better

Computex trade fair

__fc What is the main objective of your visit to the Computex trade fair?fc__b____newline____b Viren Bavishi :b__Understanding the products and trends at a place where IT products are manufactured is the main motive. I am in direct contact with the vendors whose products I sell here and the fair helps me negotiate deals without any middle party intervening. p__
__fc What impact does Computex have on the Indian market?fc__b____newline____b Viren Bavishi :b__Most of the Indian importers source products from Taiwan and here one is exposed to new products that would be apt for the Indian market. Not all products would befit our buyers so we have to study our market well and then, accordingly, gauge and pick the right product.

Once the identification process is through the right price plays an important role and after a few business formalities the deals are made.

There are several Chinese and Korean exhibitors too and similar deals are made with them as well. The local markets then witness a host of new products, both in the high-end and low-end range.p__
__fc What kind of support do you get from vendors? fc__b____newline____b Viren Bavishi :b__Back-to-back support is usually given where large orders are taken. In case of government orders and large corporate accounts, the vendor helps us customize the products as per requirement. Vendors also provide support in terms of service either via the branches in Mumbai or then send their team as and when required.
__fc How does the show case help you personally? fc__b____newline____b Viren Bavishi :b__I am able to keep abreast of the latest trends and products, which in itself is an enriching experience. Moreover, such trade fairs breed professionalism. We can thus learn and inculcate a similar culture in our markets. At the same time, I can also learn about a competitor�s product brands much better.p__

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