An overview of these five leading Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics providers in India

Data analyst working on business analytics dashboard with charts, metrics and KPI to analyze performance and create insight reports for operations management.

Discover the pulse of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics in India as we delve into the realm of top providers shaping the landscape in 2024. These five leading companies – Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, Intellicus, and Accenture India – stand as pillars in the industry, each poised to revolutionize analytics with cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches. These companies are likely to remain key players in the BI and Data Analytics landscape in India in 2024, each bringing innovative solutions and technologies to the market.

  • Power BI: Microsoft’s Power BI is known for its user-friendly interface and integration capabilities. In 2024, it might focus on expanding its AI and machine learning capabilities, enabling more advanced predictive analytics and enhanced data visualization.

  • Qlik: Qlik’s associative analytics engine sets it apart, enabling users to explore data dynamically. In 2024, expect advancements in augmented analytics, emphasizing AI-driven insights and further improvements in data storytelling features.

  • Tableau: Acquired by Salesforce, Tableau is renowned for its intuitive data visualization. In 2024, it might enhance its capabilities with more robust embedded analytics solutions and an increased focus on mobile BI for on-the-go decision-making.

  • Intellicus: Intellicus provides comprehensive BI and analytics solutions. In 2024, they might emphasize advancements in cloud-based analytics, offering more scalable and accessible solutions, while also focusing on self-service analytics for users.

  • Accenture India: With a strong analytics and BI practice, Accenture might lead the way in 2024 by delving deeper into the integration of quantum computing into analytics processes. This step could significantly improve their capabilities in handling massive datasets and complex analytics tasks.


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