Five Security Threats to Watch Out for in 2014


Bengaluru, Dec 4: Fortinet, a global leader in high-performance network security today revealed FortiGuard Labs’ 2014 security predictions, highlighting five threats to watch out for next year.

According to the predictions, Android malware expands to industrial control systems and internet of things and as sales of mobile phones are climbing, in the coming years, android developers are being tasked to find untapped markets for the Google operating system.

Also, the battle for the deep web while the FBI will broaden its scope of targets in the coming year, we believe the agency will also continue to make inroads into the Tor dark net and questionable file sharing services such as Mega Upload, the company said.

On the video part, the study reveals that network security vendors were forced to become more transparent in September, with the Federal Trade Commission severely penalizing a company that marketed video monitoring technology to consumers for suggesting in its literature that their product was “secure” when evidence clearly showed it was not.

The bio-metric authentication will also gain momentum and got people talking about the importance two-factor authentication in a world where the single factor password login is growing increasingly archaic.

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