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Western Digital’s Top Data Center Trends Of 2020

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Western Digital Corporation is a computer based company that designs, manufactures, and sells data technology products. Decades back oil was considered the world’s most valuable resource. Today, data been emerged as the ‘new oil’ driving the digital economy, changes are being observed constantly in today’s business environment. Data workloads are evolving and so are applications and their storage requirements. Western Digital has observed a few data center trends in the technology landscape of 2020.

The five key trends boosting the next generation of NVMe SSDs are in the data centers and the cloud are:

1)Workload evolution

Introduction of cloud storage and proliferation of analytics, edge devices and machine learning has led organizations to adapt their infrastructure to new workloads. We are witnessing a huge shift in the diversity of data generated by enterprises as well as consumers, content providers are streaming around seven hundred (700K) hours of video in a single minute. This is of no surprise that streaming and caching videos have become the entertainment industry.

2)Better understanding of the role of data infrastructure

Irrespective of cloud- first companies or those in the midst of digital transformation, data center architects
nowadays emerge with a deeper knowledge of their applications and keen sights for their infrastructure on demand. Based on an application’s read and write patterns, data center architects are deploying NVMe SSDs as primary storage devices ensuring it delivers optimum performance as well as low power and high endurance for executing a particular task.

3)Advancements in 3D NAND technology

NAND, a non-volatile storage technology has revolutionized Internet of Things (IoT), mobile devices, personal computing, wearables, videography and flash in the data center. The advancements in this flash technology have led to more capacity and higher density SSDs. Added to this, it has ensured a high level of endurance, performance and reliability opening new possibilities for optimized flash based devices.

4)Non- Volatile Memory Host Controller (NVMe)

NVM Empress are designed to maximize the benefit of high-performance flash storage media, it delivers blazing fast performance and low latency. It has proved to be a game changer for data centers and applications, particularly for real time analysis, machine to machine workloads, Internet of Things (IoT) and emerging technologies.

Western Digital’s offering of two new Ultrastar NVMe SSDs ( DC SN640 and DC SN340) are expected to set a new bar for performance and power efficiency, laying the foundation for next generation purpose built infrastructure. They are claimed to be ideal for extreme performance in mixed workload applications ( including SQL server, MySQL), virtual desktops and other business-critical workloads using hyper-converged infrastructures such as VMware vSAN and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI solutions.

5)The move from general to purpose-built solutions.
Organizations need to focus on developing purpose-built solutions and adopt architectures that go beyond the limited resource ratios of general processing, memory, storage and interconnect as the data center customers are fast realizing that the current general-purpose are inefficient and cost overhead.

The next generation data center make ideal solutions and are being built to accommodate new workloads such as autonomous driving, voice recognition, edge computing, surveillance and AI and ML.

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